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Cleaning your Stove

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Cleaning your Stove
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Today I am going to help you with your kitchen stove. Most people do not like cleaning their stove because they think it is to hard to do. We can clean the most cooked on stove in about 20 mins. tops.
The first thing is to get your area ready. Make sure the sink is empty so that you have room to work. If you have a stove like the one here on the right these grates are really easy to clean if you fill your sink up with warm sudsy water. I recommend Dawn because it cuts the grease really fast. while these are soaking just take your sudsy towel and clean the inside of the stove. The suds and warm water will just clean this right up. And if you do it before going to bed it wont have time to get really hard. After you have cleaned the inside and have it looking all shiny just wipe all the knobs and outside surfaces. Take a dry towel and polish right away and you wont have any streaking.I always recommend microfiber cloths.

Now go to the sink and usually all you have do is wipe the grates with your sudsy towel rinse then dry before putting back in place. Even if it is really cooked on and hard just let them sit in hot sudsy water longer. The longer they sit the less you have to scrub.  You want to dry the grates before you put them back so that it doesn’t cause rust spots where they sit on the stove top. Also on your gas ranges you want to turn on the burners for just a second to dry out the water that might have gotten in them when you were cleaning.

Next time I will show you how to get your ceramic glass stove top clean.

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Till next time…. Jan