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Cleaning tips for helping your shower stay clean

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Showers often get pink very quickly this time of year around here anyway due to the high humidity. One way to help keep this under control is to keep the exhaust fan on after you shower for at least 15 minutes. This helps to get the moisture out of the shower. You should also leave the shower door open. The moisture will not rise up. It will stay low and if the door is left open this will help it to get out and not turn into mold.
Another great tool to have in your shower is a squeegee. Before you get out of the shower just wipe all the areas down including the doors and the floor. The less moisture in the shower will help keep the mold from growing.

Another tip to keep your shower cleaner longer is to make sure you rinse all the soap off the glass and walls before you get out. The soap you leave behind will start to create soap scum. When left on there every time you shower you just keep adding onto it. This is why when you get ready to clean your shower you just can’t seem to get that off.

Now when we come into clean your shower, we make sure all the soap scum is off and the glass is streak free. One of the reasons we can do this is because we make sure all traces of the cleaner we use is rinsed off. Cleaners are made to attract dirt so if you leave cleaner on the walls and glass all it is going to do is attract the dirt.

I hope I have helped you and if you would like to ask us a cleaning question visit our facebook page House /Office Cleaning On Wheels.