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Welcome To House / Office Cleaning On Wheels

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This is just a little of what we do. We love to help keep your home or office beautiful. Our attention to detail is what makes us a great choice for your cleaning service company.

Please if you could take the time and let me know what you would like me to blog next. I want to be able to help you keep your home or office clean.


Thanks and see you next time….

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  1. I’d love to have a cleaning service come in just a couple of times a year for a “deep cleaning”. Do you have locations on Pennsylvania?

  2. Love the video! Too bad you aren’t in Philly!

  3. Thanks for sharing this great video, Jan.

  4. Incredible video. Loved every aspect of it from introducing your credentials to the actual services provided. Would love to see more videos or articles on specific problems homeowners encounter when cleaning…loved the shower tip in previous article, thanks.

  5. I miss my cleaning lady!

  6. I love the music and what you do is such a blessing to others.

  7. Love the video! Such a great feeling when you come home and your house is fresh and clean!

  8. Jan, what about blogging about stats? That sells. The difference using disinfectant vs any other…what could be caused by NOT using a disinfectant…what about a topic a week…this week, how to maintain a clean stove/oven…utilizing all kinds of stovetops. (ceramic, steel, etc)
    I would love to read tips like this and stats that scare me..

  9. Great video Jan! Looking forward to the day when I can outsource this part of my life!! Love following you with all your great tips!

  10. Oh How I wish you were never by.. I have to do a top to bottom as my daughter’s dog goes back to college LOL

  11. What a great video! Love the Georgia room you guys did!

  12. This is my 1st time seeing this video. It really had that ‘personal touch’ to it. In terms of blog topics, recommended tools for cleaning non-carpet floors AND carpet areas?

  13. Sure would love aservice like this in Cape Town!

  14. Wonderful video! I love outsourcing my housework 😉 If you lived closer I would hire your company in a heartbeat! Thanks!


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