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How to hire a cleaning service for your home

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Hiring a house cleaning service is supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult. The relationship between client and the company should be a “win-win” alliance, and here are some tips for making it so.

  • Define the Job

It will be far easier for both you and your cleaner when the expectations are spelled out and mutually understood right from the start.

  • Be Prepared to Pay a Fair Price

There are many factors that go into calculating a fair price for cleaning your home. This includes for the initial cleaning and then for the ongoing weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Payroll is the major cost to a service. You want to make sure that the people they hire are trustworthy, professional and dependable.

In addition to payroll costs your cleaning service has other overhead expenses: transportation to and from your home, payroll taxes, including FICA, FUCA and state unemployment taxes, supplies and equipment, marketing expenses and this is just a few. I could go on and on. It is not unusual for it to cost $30 to $40 just to get the team their and they haven”t even started to clean yet!

The really important factor relative to your cleaning fee is that you get good value for your money and that should be more than just a good cleaning job.

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About janmaskew

I own a residential and commercial cleaning service. We love to help busy people keep their homes and business' clean. We specialize in detailed professional house and office cleaning. Call us today 678-485-6526 I also partner with a foundation to help women battling cancer receive free house cleaning. Please share.

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  1. Wow, Jan! That’s a LOT of information! I wish you were in my area – I’d hire you in a minute!

  2. Great tips Jan on how to hire the right person for the job!

  3. Thanks for the info and advice, Jan.

  4. Very good advice Jan, I know what it is to be hired as a cleaner and to hire a cleaner; I know both sides and I love your advice here. Both sides need to know what is expected.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great tips! If you lived near me, I would hire you in a heartbeat 😉

  6. Good tips to keep in mind when looking for and hiring a cleaning service. Truthfully, I’d never thought about all of the overhead a viable cleaning business must have, especially payroll taxes.

  7. Jan, that is very good advice on how to hire a cleaning service!

  8. Cleaning services are a great value especially when you’re life is full and brimming over on the edges. It’s a good service to restore some balance to your life, allowing you be with and do things with those you value the most.

  9. Great job at showing the ‘value’ of a cleaning service. We are often wanting so much and expect to pay so little with no regard to all the hidden expenses and all the other behind the scenes things.

  10. I’m thinking you should do some travelling and clean all the homes of your fellow YCD pals…… 🙂 seriously, if I were in Atlanta, you’d be my cleaning service.

  11. Vicky Savellis-Grant

    Thanks for sharing this information Jan. Great advice!

  12. I’m with the traveling cleaning service.. You can stay at my house on the lake..;)

  13. Really important to pick the right service as well as them being trustworthy and licensed. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Oh to have a cleaning crew but I must wait until my live in crew – “children” are grown and gone before I can treat myself:)

  15. I TOTALLY see the value in having assistance with cleaning the house. Makes sense in my eyes and a TIME SAVER!

  16. Thanks for sharing this! I’m working on this now. Had one cleaning crew clean one day.


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